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My date with Rickey

So this past Wednesday I went out with Rickey, our *first* date. At about 6:00 pm I started to get ready. Lord knows I take forever to do that!

I heard the door bell ring at seven o'clock, sharp. I checked my reflection in the mirror one last time, before opening the door. And there he was, standing there with that grin everyone knows and loves - holding flowers. It was almost enough to make me cry, I've missed him so much. Never thought this is how we'd meet up again. ;)

He embraced me with the biggest hug, ever. I smiled as we walked to his car. "You look amazing," we both seemed to blurt out at the same time. I blushed and watched the house move as we pulled out of the drive way.

We soon arrived at a beautiful French resteraunt. When we walked in a noticed neither of us were dressed for the occasion. *shrug* It was great having people stare as if we werent stars, but were strange? *laughs* We sat down, and Rickey seemed to know what he was ordering so I agreed to the same thing.

After eating we left to go to The Odyssey Theatre. Another beautiful place, that I've never been too. This night was just great on so many levels.

When the show was over, he drove me back home. We sat in the car for a good hour. *giggles* We had so much to talk about, that we hadn't had the chance to earlier. I thanked him for showing me a great time, and being such a perfect gentlemen.

The only thing I have to say now is wow, I can't wait to go out with him again. Thank you Rickey.
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